Hearts Wild was formed out of a passion to life an untamed life. A life where what we see and expect is not bound to what this world says should happen. A life where hearts are free and open to discover and explore the love we were designed for- a love we don’t, can’t, deserve. The life God uniquely established for each of us. You & me.

Hello, I’m Lindsay.Lindsay May

I’m just a normal girl from Minnesota (hey there!) who is passionate about living life to the fullest and sharing the love that I’ve found with the world around me. I’m a mom to two beautiful kids, Brynlee and Sam, and I’m married to the most gracious man on this planet. He puts up with my crazy sleep quirks and encourages me to pursue every passion.

I don’t have tattoos (hello… deathly afraid of needles) or wild hair. I just couldn’t pull that off…I’m not going to pretend I’m super trendy and cool. I am a sucker for Sour Patch Kids and Chex Mix. My most important work involves keeping two young humans alive and well (it’s much more challenging than I could have ever anticipated).

I’m a proud graduate of Bethel University (06′) in Business Marketing, as well as their MA Organizational Leadership program (13′) with a focus on leadership communication. I own a photography business that allows me to showcase the beautiful people God created, and use my creative skills.

But what makes me really come alive is talking about the deeper things in this life. God’s truth, and his Word. That, I’ve discovered, unveils the secrets to life us humans have been searching for since the beginning.  I’m passionate about seeing women step into their callings and support one another along the way. Arm in arm. Side by side. Imagine what we could accomplish if we encouraged one another this way – not fearful of competition, knowing there is space for everyone.

I’d be honored if you would join me in the discovery of what is on the horizon for you and for me.