We are an intentional community of encouragers who desire to live the fullest life God has called us to.

What would it look like to live the fullest life? A life on a mission to live with recklessly abandoned hearts to fulfill our unique callings. What does the life of a heart filled with wildness in their pursuit of God look like?

We know that we are all called by the Lord to do good works. Therefore:

  1. There is space for everyone.
  2. We do not operate under a mentality of scarcity, but abundance.
  3. We choose to cheer rather than compete.
  4. We are uniquely called. Each of us has a unique calling and purpose. You were created with specific tasks in mind for this specific time.
  5. Our callings might feel similar, but we all have our own sphere of influence and our unique blend to contribute (see number 3).
  6. We trust in the Lord with ALL our hearts and not rely on our own understanding. We are ready to chase God-size dreams.
  7. We will not let others write our story. We do not let others dictate what we are capable of.
  8. We are not afraid to fail. We will move forward until a door closes.
  9. We abide with God. We know it is critical to spend time in his presence to know His voice.
  10. We walk in faith. Not every step will be set in stone, but move forward we will.