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Welcome, Wild Ones.

A call to take up your place. It's time to grow deep.

"Faith, Featured"

You have a dream. How do you start something that has been bursting from your heart for years? How do you even know where to begin? All the dark fears of not getting it right. All the negative self-talk about failure and qualifications. ALL the fears of being judged. How do you start? With itty-bitty steps. One positive thought at a time. Let that dream in your heart slowly creep out of the cracks in your droughty soul. That dream... the one that was put there with a fullness you can't explain. Pour a little more hope on that thought that you keep going back to. Soon enough, a tiny stem will push up, out, and away from the dark. Birthed upwards, towards the brilliant light of faith. Drip, drop. That little stem will…