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In the Garden

It was complete. It was finished. Two gardens. One purpose. It was good.

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As we contemplate the Easter story this year, I found myself drawn to a detail I hadn't noticed before. A detail that reveals more of God's nature in his perfect, perfect plan. All throughout scripture, we see examples of God revealing signs to his people of the love he has for them, and his plan for redemption. And this detail that I noticed this week is centered around God's completion and perfect timing....the very last words Jesus spoke before his death. "It is finished." The final words he spoke as he breathed his last breaths on that agonizing cross. The first finish. In the beginning of recorded time, we see God establish the world in scripture. Beautiful, exotic, perfect. A representation of heaven on earth, designed with relationship in mind. Genesis 2:1-3 states "So…

Free phone background!

Wilder, one glance at a time.

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We've got some fun, fresh things in the works over here at Hearts Wild! If you're following us on Instagram, we pushed a story with a new wallpaper for your mobile device. This is something you may start to see on a regular basis, with a simple hope of reminding you of who you are in Christ Jesus and to live the fullest life God has for you. Why a wallpaper for your phone? I've been trying to keep scriptures and positive, encouraging words at the front of my mind as often as I can, and wallpapers are one EASY way to refresh my mind as I glance at my phone throughout the day! (Head over to Instagram and grab it today, OR, feel free to download it directly from this post.)